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What can I say?  I love pretty things!


Simply Swank was born out of my love for pretty things, old Hollywood and my obsession with weddings. 


I am originally from the Lower Mainland in BC and when I moved out here 12 years ago, I noticed how hard it was to buy things here. Often I would have to purchase items online and pay for shipping, exchange rates and customs duties, just to get it.  


This is especially true for brides here in Edmonton looking for bridal accessories for their weddings. It’s either hard to find (impossible, really) or silly expensive! This sends brides online and it typically doesn’t end well.  They have to pay shipping, exchange rates and customs, only to find most of the time the item is not as described, bad quality or doesn’t fit. Now what?


Need something on a time crunch? Ha ha ha. . forget it! 

I knew there had to be a better way!


Let's keep it local and keep it affordable. Just because you fell in love with something on Pinterest, doesn't mean it has to break the bank!


My goal?  To make every bride feel beautiful on her wedding day, no matter her budget!

Thanks for stopping in


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